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Nanou’s drawings are inspired by nature and landscapes.

I get inspiration from ‘being outside’.


Her work is all about exploring, observing and recording what is in front of her.

She prefers life drawing and ‘en plein air’ as methods for her practice but it is the dynamics and skill of drawing that interest her also. Her work has an element of spontaneity that starts with experimental, accidental or blind drawings. She works with charcoal, pencil, ink, oilpastel and watercolor. She uses her notes and observations from outside as a starting point for new explorations and drawings in her studio. 

Nanou b.1965 lives and works in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

She studied arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, Department Drawing in Arendonk.

Member of the Dutch Draw Society (NKvT) 


 #  nanoujacobs_art

 t   +31 628862471

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